Seasonal Safety: Protecting Your Dog from Summer to Winter

Seasonal Safety: Protecting Your Dog from Summer to Winter

"Year-Round Tips for Keeping Your Canine Companion Happy and Healthy Through Heatwaves and Snowstorms"
Anna S
December 9, 2023
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Discover the ultimate guide to year-round canine care in our latest blog post, "A Dog for All Seasons: Protecting Your Pooch Year-Round". Dive into es...

Seasonal Care for Your Dog: A Guide Through the Year


As the mercury rises, here are essential tips to keep your canine cool and comfortable.

Heatstroke Prevention

Watch for signs of heatstroke such as excessive panting and drooling. To prevent it, exercise your dog during cooler times and always provide fresh water.

Water Safety

Ensure your dog's safety around water by using a life jacket, supervising swim time, and being cautious of water temperatures.

Protecting Paws

Shield your dog's paws from hot surfaces to prevent burns. Test the heat with your hand and use protective products if necessary.

Parasite Prevention

Prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworms with regular, monthly medications to keep your dog parasite-free during the summer months.

Allergies and Skin Care

Combat seasonal allergies by keeping your dog's coat clean and consulting with your vet for appropriate treatments.


Prepare your pooch for the changing leaves and cooler breezes with these autumnal precautions.

Visibility During Walks

With shorter days, equip your dog with reflective gear or LED collars to increase visibility during walks in low light.

Beware of School Supplies

Keep an eye on school supplies that can be harmful if ingested by your curious canine.

Rodenticides and Insecticides

Watch out for poisons laid out for rodents and insects, and keep your dog away from suspicious substances.

Cooler Weather Preparations

As temperatures dip, consider additional warmth for your dog, such as coats or sweaters, especially for those with thin hair.

Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI)

Be vigilant of SCI symptoms like vomiting and lethargy after woodland walks and seek veterinary help if concerned.


Ensure your dog stays warm and safe with these guidelines for the cold winter months.

Cold Weather Woes

Protect your dog from frostbite and hypothermia by limiting outdoor time and providing sufficient warmth during extreme cold.

Antifreeze Dangers

Be cautious with antifreeze, a lethal poison for dogs, by cleaning spills immediately and keeping containers secured.

Dry Skin and Grooming

Maintain a humidified home and moisturize your dog's pads to combat the dry winter air.

Holiday Hazards

During the festive season, keep decorations, plants, and holiday foods away from your pet to avoid any health risks.

Snow Safety

When playing in the snow, protect your dog from hidden dangers and clean their paws after outdoor fun.


Welcome the season of renewal with these health and safety tips for your dog.

Cleaning Products

Use pet-safe cleaning products during spring cleaning to prevent toxic exposure to your dogs.

Landscaping and Garden Hazards

Choose non-toxic plants and pet-friendly lawn care products to keep your garden safe for your canine friend.

Exercise Routines

As the weather improves, gradually increase your dog's activity level to prevent injury after a sedentary winter.

Allergy Awareness

With the new season, be mindful of potential allergies and consult your vet for treatment if you notice symptoms in your dog.

Open Window Dangers

Secure all screens and clear windowsills of potential hazards to ensure your dog's safety when you bring in the spring breeze.

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